Randy Turner, Randall Turner, Randy, Randall, Turner, attorney, lawyer is unethical

Randy Turner abuses the judicial system! Threatens to file frivolous lawsuit against Google!

I just spent the last ten minutes finding all the links which Randy Turner Texas attorney illegally got removed from the results of Google search engine. I went to Yahoo.com and searched for items I thought I hadn’t seen recently in Google. Then I searched for that link in Google search and it wasn’t there. There was a take down notice on the bottom of search results.

Randy Turner here sent the court order to Google and ordered them to remove items which were NOT in the court order. Below are some of the links. This is totally insane! None of these links were in the court order. Nothing is defamatory. He forced Google to remove a plain press release about my appeal!

Press release about my appeal from PR web. I did write this press release.

He threatened Google in order to get them to remove this link which is a new article about Amanda Lollar causing pain, suffering and death to bats. I didn’t write this. It was written after the court order. Nothing in this article is in the court order.

BWS loses USDA permit

Web page about my lawsuit. I removed even item from the court order in my page and replaced it with ***.

Same with this page.
Another web page about my lawsuit

Next I will post the blog posts which he got removed. I already reposted the content. Again, they were honest items about Randy Turner and his client Amanda Lollar.

Again, thank you ACLU for sending a letter telling Google they do not have to remove anything.

And again, Randy Turner’s wife Patti Gearhart-Turner is on the Texas Center for Legal Ethics, Professionalism in Practice committee. Why? She and her husband know absolutely nothing about legal ethics or professionalism. http://www.legalethicstexas.com/About-Us/Board-Of-Trustees/Patti-Gearhart-Turner.aspx

Randy Turner’s wife supports him in this case against me. She said she’s “proud” of her husband and what he’s doing. If my husband did something like this to someone, I’d kick him to the curb and report him to the bar. She works at Texas Wesleyan Law School.

I’ll be posting this on a few blogs which Google doesn’t control just to be safe.


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